What is Reality Serum all about?

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Supple Records Inc. presents SIC IT! by Reality Serum… check it out!

Reality Serum

is a 2-man ‘Transurban’ band from Long Island, New York.
A unique blend of Alternative Hip Hop and guitar driven Pop Rock.

What is Transurban Music…
Transurban is a unique blend of Alternative Hip Hop and guitar driven Pop Rock. The use of atmospheric soundscapes, mesmerizing rhythms and riffs, and lyrics about life situations that respond especially favorably to people draws listeners into the music. Fans of Twenty One Pilots, Die Antwoord, Rammstein, Muse, The Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Mobb Deep, Gary Numan, etc., will be intrigued.

IMG_5633-2 get-attachment-3.aspx
The band consists of:
Camanche – rapper/wordsmith
Twizle — multi-instrumentalist/vocalist

After their initial emergence in the music scene, they have received high praise for their musical styling and individualistic sound. The band has released two full-length albums (pre-2013) and numerous singles (2013-present) on Supple Records, Inc.

2016 has been a busy year for the duo!
So be prepared for the release of their single SIC IT! to be released early September on
Supple Records Inc,

The Story
It all began in 2004 when Camanche and Twizle met at their day job as engineers. They had discovered that each had established themselves in music but through very different genres. Sharing a common love for music and quite anxious to start a new project, the two decided to combine their drastically different styles. It wasn’t long before they recorded their first single “Free Your Mind,” in Twizle’s home studio, which became a “Top Ten” favorite on Montreal commercial radio station (CKUT 90.3 MHZ). Local record label Supple Records, Inc. caught wind of them, commenting that the band was just “different and memorable” and that they were “not a combination found too often.” They were soon signed.

Camanche grew up in Central Islip, Long Island being influenced by the Soul music and images on VH1 as well as by an older brother who was a DJ in a local group. He began to write and grew towards the Hip Hop scene, working on several group projects, recording demos and even releasing a debut single before meeting Twizle in 2004.

Twizle was born and raised in Hicksville, Long Island. Always being involved with music since his young school days, he formed many garage bands, originally as a drummer, where he taught himself to play a variety of instruments by watching his bandmates. Through this experience, he became more and more interested in the recording process and composing. He started his own recording studio and drifted towards soundtrack-type Ambient / Experimental music. He has since written music for several independent films and projects, while releasing various singles and CD’s.

Hop In and This is a Dream (2007-2008)
In 2007, they released the full-length album Hop In on Supple Records, Inc. and have enjoyed immense popularity from its success with fans. They quickly ascended the online charts of various social music sites, and the fan base grew to over 100,000+ strong. The album has been played in its entirety on several college radio stations across the United States. The song “Here We Go” was placed in rotation at Long Island’s commercial rock radio station (WBAB 102.3). The videos for the songs “Here We Go” and “Bring It On” are available on their Myspace and YouTube pages. Soon after Hop In, they recorded the EP This is a Dream that contained the songs “This is a Dream” and “Accelerate” featured on their sophomore full-length album “Alive” released in 2010. They are also available on the band’s MySpace, Soundclick and ReverbNation.com pages.

Alive (2010)
In 2010, their 6-song Enhanced CD “Alive” was released on Supple Records, Inc. It reflected their growth as a group while still maintaining that unique sound that their fans are used too. Songs from the album called Alive are available for listening on their ReverbNation.com page. Videos for their tracks “I’m Rich” & “Alive” can be viewed at the band’s YouTube channel.

Always looking to take things to a higher level, it was during the recording of their second CD “Alive” that the band searched for studios and production gurus who could guide them through this process. After hopping from place to place for a while, they finally found their opportunity in BPM Studios of Central Islip, Long Island (2013–present). “Alive” was already completed and was continuing the underground buzz “Hop In” started. So Camanche and Twizle decided to start fresh… enhance and retool the process. Concentrate on singles rather than albums. With the help of BMP co-owner and mix / master extraordinaire Lenny “Ace” Marrow (producer alongside Craig Mack, Easy Mo Bee, Rashad Smith and Sean “Puffy” Combs (exec) on Project: Funk Da World—debut album (gold sales status) by Craig Mack, the second release on Bad Boy Records), they completed “Smash Up” & “Stop Freeze”—the first Reality Serum singles of the new era. This was definitely the right combination. Not only has this relationship given the music a shot of adrenaline, but it has also propelled the brand name Reality Serum. The original Reality Serum models affectionately called the Serum Gurlz (2011–present) has since morphed into the bands very own magazine called Reality Serum Magazine (2014–present). A publication that focuses on MUSIC.ART.FASHION.REALITY.

Reality Serum completed their single “Run For Your Life” (6/30/14 SUPPLE) …again with the help of Lenny and the other co-owner of BPM turntablist DJ Diamond (member of Hip Hop super group EPMD along with Eric Sermon and Parish Smith, tour DJ for Prince and the New Power Generation, MTV’s Making the Band II official DJ, tour DJ for Beyonce), who is also featured on “Run for Your Life” cutting it up as DJ.

– released singles “Roaches” (Aug 2015 SUPPLE), “Feels Good” (Sep 2015 SUPPLE) and “Sugar” (Dec 2015 SUPPLE) — mixed and mastered by Lenny “Ace” Marrow of BPM.

– releasing single “SIC IT!” (Sep 2016 SUPPLE — early September) — mixed and mastered by Darren Carikas / Ghost Machine Studios (London).

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    Thank you.

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